Monday, April 14, 2014

The Beginning of the End

So the regular season is coming to a close and I thought it wastime to give out some awards, and not just good ones.

Most Improved Player:
Can we give it to a whole team? Look at the Suns' players and tell me no.
Gerald Green
Markieef Morris
Miles Plumlee 
P.J. Tucker
Eric Bledsoe
Goran Dragic
With this roster last year, they would have been in the bottom half of the leauge.

6th Man of the Year:
I think it's no question that it's Markieff Morris. Call me biased, but he leads the leauge in total minutes, points, and rebounds off the bench. 

Defensive Player of the Year:
Joakim Noah led a Rose-less team to the 3rd/4th seed in the East with his monster defense and rebounding.
If you would've asked me before the All-Star break, I would have said Roy Hibbert, but the Pacers have absolutley broken down. 

Coach of the Year:
Jeff Hornacek. I believe that he took a very decent Suns roster, and made it a 50 win team. Call me biased again, but look where I'm coming from. If not Hornacek, then Gregg Popovich. The only 60 win team this year is the Spurs.

Rookie of the Year:
I would give it to Michael Carter-Williams, but no one on a 26 game losing streak team should have any awards. So, I'm giving it to Victor Oladipo. Oladipo and MCW are so separated from this, in my opinion, undeveloped draft class. In my mind, MCW will be better for the long run.

Most Valuable Player
Kevin Durant. LeBron has been amazing with his usual 25 7 6 stat line, but KD has been phenomenal. We saw that 41 game streak of 25 or more points, breaking Michael Jordan's record. KD is leading the league in scoring with 32.7 points on 50% shooting. That's crazy. Blake Griffin is third on the list, but LeBron and KD are on a whole another mountain compared to the rest of the MVP race.  

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