Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eastern NBA Playoffs

So the playoffs are going to kick off next week.




Indiana vs. Atlanta.
Indiana has been playing very bad since the All-Star break, including a 107-88 blowout loss to the Hawks. As for the Hawks, they have been play very solid basketball. The past, however, shows how the Pacers can #ComeThru (#Drake) in the playoffs. Still, since the Pacers have been doing very bad, the Hawks will give them trouble. My guess is that Pacers take the series 4-2.

Chicago vs. Washington.
Not many people expected either of these teams to be up here, especially the Wizards. Chicago has done extremely well with the Rose-less roster they have. Joakim Noah has been leading the charge for the Bulls team, earning a DPOY and All-NBA First Team Honors campaign. However, Washington has also been playing really good with Wall, Beal, and Gortat leading their charge, but yet again Chicago does well in the playoffs, upsetting Brooklyn and defeating Miami n the first game. This year I think the Bulls will not preform in the playoffs. Washington wins, 4-3

Toronto vs. Brooklyn
Brooklyn has been below many people's expectations, especially because they have the leagues biggest luxury cap. With the star power they had in the beginning of the year in Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry, many people thought they would be Miami's main competitor in the East (other than Indiana). They only managed a 44-38 record. Part of the reason is because of Pierce's and Garnett's realization that they aren't on the Celtics anymore. Ever since the Brooklyn vs. Boston game in Boston, which honored Pierce's years as a Celtic on the big screen, Pierce has been playing like his old self. Joe Johnson has stepped up his game a lot his year. If Garnett comes back with a bang off his injury, they might just advance pretty far. Toronto has a promising young team, with DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross, and Kyle Lowry. If Toronto makes a splash in free agency this year, I think they can be a top-tier team next year, but now, I'm calling the upset. Brooklyn in six.

 Miami vs. Charlotte
The two time reigning champions, Miami Heat are hungry for their third title. They want it badly. LeBron wants it badly. If he wants to get on that Mount Rushmore, he needs this. Charlotte made a great move in signing Big Al, Al Jefferson, in free agency last year. He and Kemba Walker seemed to click instantly, and they were rewarded with a playoff berth, but they are playing Miami. Miami wins, 4-1.

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