Monday, November 18, 2013


Ok so the reason why I haven't put up this post yet is because I was waiting for the Chiefs vs Broncos game, and it came yesterday.


Indianapolis Colts
New York Jets (There you go Mr.Smith)         Indianapolis Colts                Indianapolis Colts
                                                                      New England Patriots                                      
                                                                                                                                          Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs                                                                                                                          
Cincinnati Bengals                                       Kansas City Chiefs                   Denver Broncos
                                                                  Denver Broncos

So it's pretty obvious that the Chiefs will win the wild card game. The only reason why they would probably be a wild card is because the Broncos are the other team in the division. There's one more match up between the Chiefs and Broncos, and that just may be the main factor in deciding who would get the division and who would fall to the wild card. Either way, there is an 85% chance that they'll meet in the divisional round. I personally think that the Broncos can and will perform better in the postseason, which is why I picked them into the Superbowl.

For the other divisional game, yes, I picked the Colts over the Patriots. Sorry +Somil Jain, but I don't think the Patriots have really won any difficult games as opposed to the Colts who defeated both the Broncos and the Seahawks.

So for the Superbowl, I predicted the Seahawks and the Broncos. It hasn't changed from before the preseason started and +Vedik Navale can vouch for me.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Eric Bledsoe

I am really impressed in Eric Bledsoe right now. 
Let's compare his stats with some other elite point guards.
Derrick Rose                                        
 Tony Parker
Chris Paul

That's pretty good right?

Thursday, November 7, 2013


So I'm like the only one that cares about the Suns, because I'm not an entire bandwagon. I care about my hometown team. They're doing pretty good, surprisingly. Mainly in part of because of Eric Bledsoe. I expected him to help the Suns a lot, but not this much. Right now, he's putting up averages of 21 points, eight assists, and five rebounds. He's 6'1" and he's averaging five rebounds? Daang. He is very efficient, too, shooting 50%. He's added in some clutch-ness with a game winning three over Utah. I was pretty mad yesterday when Coach Hornacek decided to shoot a game-winning three with Gerald Green instead of Bledsoe.
 The Suns' fresh legs and athleticism may just keep them in the Playoff race. We have two great fast point guards in Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. We have a young center in Alex Len and a surprising beast in the post, Miles Plumlee, and soon we'll have Emeka Okafor. We can expect more to come from Markieff Morris who just came off a career game. P.J. Tucker is a very underrated player with his hustle on defense and his shooting abilities. 

For their own good, they shouldn't be as good as they are right now. With a stacked 2014 draft class containing players like Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, a lottery pick would be perfect for the Suns.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jason Derulo

This is a sports blog. Just not this post. I'm kind of bored of sports right now, and I have no idea why.

I'm going to spend this post to tell you how amazing "Tattoos" is.

Jason Derulo kicked off his career with "Whatcha Say" which was #1 on the Billboard for a couple of weeks. He had a couple of other songs that made it to the Billboard like "Ridin' Solo", "In My Head", "Don't Wanna Go Home", and "It Girl". So I have no idea why he isn't as popular as he was.

O.K. so like it is AMAZING, as I said before. My favorite is Talk Dirty ft. 2 Chainz. It's really good except for 2 Chainz, but what with 2 Chainz is good. DOS CADENAS

"The Other Side" is good, but it became all mainstream.

"Trumpets" and "Stupid Love" are my second favorites. Especially Trumpets. I can't describe these with words.

Whoever reads this should take my word for it and go listen to it.