Tuesday, February 25, 2014

YOLO All-Stars

Alright, it's been a while since I've posted. To start things of I put together a small roster of what I like to call the YOLO All-Stars. These are players that chuck up the most random shots and somehow get them to go in (or not).

J.R. Smith, #8, New York Knicks
Since there aren't many inefficient Point Guards in the league as these players on this team, I have to go with a Shooting Guard. J.R. Smith (as shown above) shows that even though he gets his shot to fall, he does take terrible shots. J.R.'s game is made up of either thunderous dunks, raining threes, or terrible shots like this one.

Gerald Green, #14 Phoenix Suns 
Although he's from my hometown Suns, he still has to be on this list. Here's an example why. The score was 103-102, Timberwolves had the lead. There is still seven seconds left. Markieef Morris dumps off the ball to Gerald Green who then shoots this abysmal shot and somehow gets it to go in with four seconds to go. The Timberwolves fail to convert the next possession, and the Suns win.

Kobe Bryant, #24, Los Angeles Lakers
This is a bad quality picture and not a .gif,so I'll explain it. Here we have the Lakers playing the New Jersey Nets with under five seconds to go, down by three. Kobe obviously has to take the shot, but why should he?? There are two wide open Lakers on the top of the key and the right wing, but no; Kobe decides to shoot it, and miss, losing the game. 
Carmelo Anthony, #7, New York Knicks
Here's a thirty-foot three pointer that was totally un-needed. He made it, as he make others, too. He is probably the best player on the list this year averaging 28 points and 9 rebounds, and he is one of my favorite players, so I'll cut him some slack. 
ANDREA BARGNANI,#77, New York Knicks
Wow! The Third New York Knick on here. I guess that explains their failure this year. I really don't like Bargnani, mostly because he was the #1 pick in the 2006 draft over my boy LaMarcus Aldridge, Rajon Rondo, Paul Millsap, and Rudy Gay. AS you can see all the bonehead plays (and rubbing heads on The Big Ticket) by Bargnani only as a Knick in one season. The last one is the one I want to talk about. The Bucks and the Knicks are leading, 94-92 with 15 seconds to go and the shot clock running. Smith takes a shot and misses, but the Knicks get the offensive rebound and dish it out to Bargnani. There's 11 seconds with no shot clock so he can just sit on the ball and wait to get fouled, but instead he decides to shoot and miss, giving the Bucks the ball back. Shaqtin' a Fool has been boring this year due to the absence of JaVale McGee (which is why he's not on the list), and I think I found his perfect replacement. LOOK HERE SHAQ