Monday, October 21, 2013

The NFC side of the Superbowl

Here's the NFC so far:
NFC WEST                          NFC EAST                        NFC NORTH                  NFC SOUTH
Seattle Seahawks: 6-1           Dallas Cowboys: 4-3          Green Bay Packers: 4-2  New Orleans Saints:5-1
San Francisco 49ers: 5-2       Philadelphia Eagles: 3-4       Detroit Lions:4-3            Carolina Panthers:3-3
St. Louis Rams: 3-4               Washington Redskins: 2-4   Chicago Bears:4-3          Atlanta Falcons:2-4
Arizona Cardinals: 3-4 ():)     New York Giants: 0-6          Minnesota Vikings:1-4    Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                                                                                                                                             0-6

We can eliminate a few teams. The Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, Redskins, and the Falcons.

The Seahawks and Saints are definitely in the playoffs. Right now, the winners of the NFC East and South are unclear. The 49ers will most probably make it as a wild card. So right now, my playoff predictions are

Dallas Cowboys               Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears                  Seattle Seahawks                                              
                                                                          Seattle Seahawks              Seattle Seahawks
                                                                          New Orleans Saints      
Green Bay Packers           New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers          San Francisco 49ers    

Many people would say it's too early to make predictions, but look at the Seahawks' remaining schedule

  • 8 OCT 28 5:40PMPDT   RAMS (3-4)
  • 9 NOV 3 1:05PMPST   BUCCANEERS(0-6)
  • 10 NOV 10 10:00AMPST   FALCONS(2-4)
  • 11 NOV 17 1:25PMPST   VIKINGS(1-4)
  • 12 BYE
  • 13 DEC 2 5:40PMPST   SAINTS(5-1)
  • 14 DEC 8 1:25PMPST   49ERS(5-2)
  • 15 DEC 15 10:00AMPST   GIANTS(0-6)
  • 16 DEC 22 1:05PMPST   CARDINALS(3-4)
  • 17 DEC 29 1:25PMPST   RAMS(3-4)
The Seahawks have five remaining home games, where they are amazing, nearly undefeated in the past few years.
The only games they have to fear are the Saints and the 49ers. Last time the 'Hawks played the Niners, they crushed them, 29-3. The Saints game just may be the NFC championship game. 

Now for the AFC, that'll be next.